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Welcome to the Dave Elms Home improvement Blog

Hey guys, pleasure to meet you, and thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my blog. For those of you new to this page, I will provide a little bit of information about myself.

Having started out in my career as a plumber, I picked up a lot of things to do with renovating bathrooms, and that includes things like toilets, showers, and even the more obscure things such as hot tubs. Over the years, I expanded my knowledge and qualifications to become more of a handyman rather than a single track plumbing tradesman.

After gaining experience working for several local firms, I decided to take the plunge back in 2014 to build up my own client base and run my own business. I’ve had great success so far, and this blog essentially highlights several projects I have been working on for both clients as well as bits and pieces for my own home.

Essentially, this is a diary which can be used for future reference, showing plenty of tips and tricks picked up along the way.

As someone who has recently moved home, these skills I have acquired over the years are going to become extremely handy as me and my family are planning a huge overhaul of the household, with improvements being made to the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Hopefully, people looking to learn in this field will pick up a few things by reading this blog.

All the best, Dave.