Choosing the perfect bathtub

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully designed bathtub. Even if you have the most stunning of room designs, without a good tub, something will feel like it’s missing. So utilizing opinions of my own, with a mixture of some friends, I’m going to bring you some helpful tips below to finding a product right for your bathroom.

After conducting several hours of our own research, as well as interviewing industry bathtub professionals, like the guys on, we’ve been able to get a better understanding of the features, shapes, sizes, styles, and materials that can make or break a product. Some of which we shall be listing out below for your convenience.

Now, picture this. You have everything planned out in your mind, know exactly where your sinks are going, as well as your shower and toilets. What people often find is they are lacking a centerpiece. In most cases, a bathtub is exactly what’s been missing. And that brings us to our first point. Room layout and floor space.

If you haven’t planned this out, you’re going to need to either hire someone to doit for you. One inch too large or small can mean you wasting a lot of your time when the end result will mean you sending the product back. So always know the dimensions required, and remember to account for the lip and whether or not the wall is finished or tiled. Sounds simple, but these are common mistakes made by many.

Next up, look at the brand. Forget the unknown. I recommend sticking with what’s been tried and tested over the years. Yes, your wallet may end up being a little lighter, but you can also have the peace of mind that you purchased a higher quality tub with a solid brand name behind it.

Next, you should be looking at overall water depth. If there is anything I hate after a long day at work, it’s to come home to run a bath and find that it doesn’t offer me significant water coverage. As long as your floor can handle it, and you’ve got the space, get a unit with more depth.

Finally, you should be accounting for all the people in your home. If you know you’ve got someone taller, go for a model with 70 inches or more. However, if the budget is tight, and you don’t have anyone abnormally large in the family, a more comapct option may work just as well.