The ultimate toilet buying guide

Often, when looking to improve our home we talk about smaller things that are not actually used as much as you would think. With all the planning put towards minute details like decor and wallpaper used, it can be easy to overlook some of the most important rooms in the house. Namely, the bathroom. And more specifically, the hardware and fixtures found within such as toilets.

Today, we’re going to give our readers access to our toilet knowledge through an in depth buying guide. We will aim to show you exactly what you need to look for when shopping by utilizing a number of online guides and resources. For example, has a list of the best toilets based on specific criteria which we will be using to our advantage.

You can also find a number of toilet reviews over on

1. Flushing mechanism

If you’ve already spent a reasonable amount of time looking at various plumbing supplies available online, you will have no doubt came across a wide range of flush mechanisms. Some are built to produce more power to suck the waste out, whilst others get by with a simple, singular flush system.

However, further research into this will also present you with additional options such as dual flush which gives home owners a choice of two different levels of water consumption based on the waste being flushed down the toilet.

2. One piece or two

Some terms may confuse people. However, both of these are really quite simple to understand. A one piece loo is really the bowl and tank system attached to one another, whilst the two piece designs have the bowl and tank separate.

There are pros and cons to each design, for example, one piece options usually better equipped for smaller bathrooms, which is something many consumers tend to look for.

3. Toilet bowl shape

Put simply, you will need to decide on either an elongated bowl, or a rounded one. The rounded ones are typically designed to fit into smaller spaces, and the elongated bowls are often seen as the type of shape that effectively improves user comfort whilst seated because your legs are in a more natural position.

4. Brand name

The manufacturer is going to play a big role in quality and longevity of your purchase. No two companies are equal, and some do certainly stand out over others, which can result in them being a bit pricier due to having a respectable reputation. Some of the leading brand names to keep an eye on include American Standard, TOTO, and KOHLER. All of which have produced some outstanding models over the years.

5. Budget

How much your willing to spend on a toilet is going to say a lot about the overall quality you will end up with. In most cases, a spend of between $250-$400 is suitable for residential settings. However, for commercial premises, it may be a better idea to go for something on the higher end of the price spectrum, and look for durability first and foremost.

6. Efficiency

Not everyone is a fan of buying products that are environmentally friendly. However, those that are will appreciate the numerous WaterSense products popping up all over the place. Starting at 1.28 gallons of water usage in each flush, households can make substantial savings on their water bills.

These are really the main things to be keeping track of. There are less important extras like the color and where the trip lever is located, but we feel covering the main features will do far more for you in your search for a good toilet than worrying about the little details.